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Archaeology is hard work and a wonderful science but a newsworthy excavation in East Jerusalem, which has seen workers tunneling under private homes, sometimes without permission, has been weaponized for political ends. […] Read More

Jonathan Kuttab is a well-known Palestinian-American lawyer. His recent thought-provoking series of articles (“Troubling Considerations About Christian Zionism” – parts one and two) concludes with an invitation to offer “new perspectives that would make sense spiritually as well as politically to Palestinian Christians.” It is in that spirit that I hope we can approach his […] Read More

I’m concerned, as a Palestinian Christian, about the expressly stated view that Christian teaching requires Christians today to take specific political positions regarding Zionism, the modern state of Israel and its conflict with Arabs and Palestinians. I shared four considerations previously and offer five more here. 5. The Zionist movement realized early on that creating […] Read More

I am a Palestinian Christian. The most pressing question about Christian Zionism for me is not its theological predictions about the end times, prophecy or the Second Coming. The Bible makes clear that no one knows the exact time for the fulfillment of these prophecies, except the Father (Mark 13:32). Christian church history has been […] Read More

Bad theology kills. For many, the subject of “theology” invokes the image of old white men with impressive beards and antiquated ideas sitting in ivory seminary towers writing really big books that nobody reads. Yet within everything we think, say and do can be found a variety of implicit theologies, even if we are unconscious […] Read More

A few weeks ago televangelist John Hagee took a group to the nation’s capitol where he pushed his Christian Zionism agenda for Israel. His phrase “Christian Zionism” could not be more contradictory. It is more cult than Christianity. Hagee topped off his lobbying blitz with the astounding demand that America should invade Iran. He, like […] Read More

U.S. Senator John McCain, who has had problems winning over religious conservatives in his run for the GOP presidential nomination, showed up Tuesday at a meeting of Christian Zionists to declare himself a Christian and “proudly pro-Israel.” McCain, an Episcopalian who when at home in Arizona attends North Phoenix Baptist Church, has sought recently to […] Read More

Thousands of Christian Zionists are meeting this week in Washington in a second annual gathering to bolster evangelical support for Israel and fan opposition to radical Islam. San Antonio mega-church pastor and author John Hagee’s Christians United for Israel’s first gathering last year drew about 3,500 Christians to the nation’s capital to meet and lobby […] Read More

Errant Bible interpretation causes many American Christians to side with Israel against Lebanon, an Arab Baptist scholar said amid reports this weekend that Israeli air strikes killed dozens of children in the southern Lebanese village of Qana. Martin Accad, academic dean at Arab Baptist Theological Seminary in Beirut, charged “unquestioning identification of the modern state […] Read More

Not all Jews are Zionists, and several Jewish groups are fighting to make this fact known. Neturei Karta International, or Jews United Against Zionism, says on its Web site, “One of the basics of Judaism is that we are a people in exile due to Divine decree.” The group argues that Zionism seeks to “force […] Read More