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Participating in worship gatherings at least twice a month is uncommon for 18- to 22-year-old Protestants, a survey found. Two-thirds stopped attending regularly in the four years after high school. […] Read More

For many, December is a daily struggle of personal grief. During Advent, come alongside those in your faith community who need to voice complaint, anger, grief and despair in prayer. […] Read More

More churches are inviting parents to remove their children from worship services so they’re not a distraction. This trend is unbelievably counterintuitive to a faith literally passed down from one generation to another. […] Read More

We should add to the familiar question, “Who is my neighbor?” the less familiar inquiry, “Who is my neighborhood?” On the final night of a course on worship I’ve been teaching recently, we explored the extent to which our worship services were shaped by their neighborhoods or wider communities. This is a complicated matter. What […] Read More

There are a whole range of special foci outside the big two of Christmas and Easter that can be included as part of regular “worship events.” Epiphany (Jan. 6), Mothering Sunday (the fourth Sunday of Advent), Remembrance Day (Nov. 11), Baptist World Alliance Human Rights Sunday (Dec. 10/11) name but four. I know congregations who […] Read More

We have been inundated in recent days with news of random killings, racial killings and retributive killings by terrorists. The saying once was popular, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Never have we yearned for this to be so true since the recent random killings by a crazed gunman interrupted an outdoor concert. We […] Read More

Many churches are seeking to incorporate times in which the family can stay together to worship, grow and learn about God together in church, but they don’t know where to start. This has been confirmed to me by children’s ministers and family pastors across the country with whom I’ve spoken. “The predominant mindset in Christian […] Read More

Just a few blocks from my house stands a very large and active mainline Protestant church. I’ll leave the denomination unnamed. Throughout the year, it sponsors and hosts numerous special events including seasonal worship services attended by hundreds if not thousands. Its Vacation Bible School yard signs are all over the neighborhood, and I see […] Read More

I have noticed a steady increase over the past several years in the number of articles and social media posts about whether and how churches should observe Mother’s Day. This year, I noticed that similar posts about Father’s Day have remained steady – at zero. In case it was just me, I asked around. Only […] Read More

Father’s Day is right around the corner, which begs the question: “Do dads really ever get a day?” While Father’s Day is on every calendar, both print and electronic, most dads I know have to be reminded when their day rolls around every June. In fact, many men will tell you that it doesn’t feel […] Read More