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Baptist World Alliance leaders will celebrate Pentecost amid the global coronavirus pandemic this week by hosting a ‘virtual global BWA worship service,’ according to an announcement from BWA General Secretary Elijah Brown. […] Read More

From the beginning of the story we tell about ourselves, we are concerned about work. Aside from the respite that a weekly sabbatical brings, it says something about work. Our work carries dignity, but we are not enslaved to it. […] Read More

Some suggest we should not sing worship songs that elicit strong emotions because it can lead people astray, but we deceive ourselves if we think we can divorce musical meaning from musical feeling. Each contributes to the other. […] Read More

Secular Christmas songs are about the nostalgia for a simpler time. Religious carols tell us God was manifest in a humble home. Christmas music of all kinds connects us to the places that were ‘home’ no matter where we are now. […] Read More

When we consider intergenerational worship and discipleship, the critics have plenty of ‘what if’ scenarios. But what if they all came true? While it may prove to be somewhat uncomfortable, it’s how we grow and learn. […] Read More

We often overstate the importance of theological content in the lyrics of musical worship. Whether at a concert or in a worship service, music provides a way for people to form communities. We find value in singing with others. […] Read More

Human beings have convinced themselves that we come in colors. Each day, they attempt to create distance between each other. And Sunday morning doesn’t bring us any closer. It’s 11 a.m. Nothing changes. […] Read More

Because music is an indispensable and powerful part of our worship, some believe we should regulate and check it for orthodoxy and theological coherence. We need to be sure we’re singing the right things. Well, not so fast. […] Read More

Worship is more than something we do one day of the week. Worship calls you to praise God through serving other human beings and calls you to change the way you see God, yourself and your neighbor. It’s a way of life. […] Read More

Although many American Christians will insist the U.S. flag belongs in their churches’ sanctuaries, displaying the flag in church compromises Christianity. It’s worth the fight to remove the flag from your sanctuary. […] Read More