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World Evangelical Alliance

When national rulers oppress their own people and abuse their power for personal wealth and prestige, how should Christians respond to the corruption and injustice? These 5 responses help answer that question. […] Read More

White nationalism is a growing global phenomenon. In some countries, evangelicals have been accused of complicity. Here are 4 ways your church can take a stand against the rise of white nationalism. […] Read More

With some exceptions, most Christians are silent about persecution against Muslims. What a testimony it would be if the loudest voices calling for the just, humane treatment of Muslims were Christian voices. […] Read More

While evangelicals have no illusions that worldly systems are or can ever be perfect, the work evangelicals do with the United Nations to protect religious freedom matters. […] Read More

Despite dissatisfaction from many evangelicals, the United Nations has brought much needed attention to violations of freedom of religion or belief that would otherwise go unnoticed. […] Read More

Through his role at the World Evangelical Alliance, a Baptist leader from Lebanon is working to promote and protect religious freedom for all. […] Read More

UNITED NATIONS–Evangelical Christians from around the world pledged Friday to make governments keep their promises to cut poverty in half by 2015. “What we are doing is harnessing the muscle of Christians all over the world to hold our national and global leaders responsible and accountable,” said Njongonkulu Ndungane, the Anglican Archbishop of Cape Town, […] Read More

UNITED NATIONS—British and Australian Baptists are among leaders spearheading a global alliance of churches and faith-based aid organizations intent on mobilizing the Christian community to eradicate extreme poverty by 2015. Today marks the international launch of the Micah Challenge, which kicks off with a gathering at the United Nations headquarters in New York City. The […] Read More