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From the beginning of the story we tell about ourselves, we are concerned about work. Aside from the respite that a weekly sabbatical brings, it says something about work. Our work carries dignity, but we are not enslaved to it. […] Read More

Two key challenges facing laborers around the world are underutilization and inequality, a report says, with 13% of the world’s labor force, or 470 million people, underutilized, twice the global unemployment rate. […] Read More

Approval of unions among US adults ticked upward again this year, rising two points to 64%, a Gallup poll found. It’s the highest support level since 2003 (65%) and the third year in a row that approval was above 60%. […] Read More

Our future requires people with different skills. We need those who can dream the future and those who can build it. People should be encouraged to follow the educational and career paths that suit their gifts and interests. […] Read More

Wage theft is all around us – some estimates say billions of dollars a year unpaid – falling hardest on the most vulnerable, particularly black workers. However, what is wrong can be made right. […] Read More

Work can be virtuous or lead to a life of dysfunction. It’s important to keep your work in proper perspective. One way to do that is by understanding what place God wants to play in your work. […] Read More

Although unions aren’t the bulwark against corporate greed they once were, the teacher uprisings of 2018 have been a bright spot and a path forward in a tough employment environment. […] Read More

Labor Day, first nationally celebrated in 1894, was established to celebrate not just work, but the accomplishments of trade unions and labor movements. Here’s why Christians should remember it. […] Read More

Labor Day weekend offers a “kairos moment, a moment of crisis as well as opportunity,” the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops emphasized in its annual Labor Day statement. Such a moment requires Christians to identify and support cooperative initiatives that honor workers, ensure safe working conditions and provide just wages, thereby increasing social solidarity and […] Read More

Female representation in religious occupations is a story of contrasts – a consistent minority in clergy positions but a consistent majority in other religious roles. Females made up around 47 percent of the U.S. workforce in 2016 and more than half (56.8 percent) of all U.S. women worked outside the home, according to the U.S. […] Read More