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I have read several stories recently about violence against girls and women with increasing alarm. Just a snapshot of the headlines: Teenager Sentenced to 25 Years for Killing A Girl Who Said No to Prom Father of former Stanford swimmer refers to sexual assault as ’20 minutes of action’ A year after McKinney pool party, […] Read More

Most scholars believe that Deuteronomy was the book of the law found during the reparations of the temple at the time Josiah was king of Judah (2 Kings 22). When the prophetess, Huldah, confirmed the book’s authenticity, Josiah enacted reforms to address the religious and social problems in the Judean society. He sought to ameliorate […] Read More

In Proverbs 31, we come face to face with a multiplicity of courage-giving images. It’s filled with strength, words spoken in love, and thoughtful and courageous actions. At the crux of the poem is the phrase “a wife of noble character.” Rachel Held Evans, who does an incredible job speaking about Proverbs 31, points out […] Read More

Being a mom these days requires lots of skills. It is like being Cinderella in reverse (a laundress, cook, cleaner, chauffeur and scullery maid all at once for children rather than stepsisters.) At times, I feel inadequate. As a mother of three children (one in high school, one in middle school and one in elementary […] Read More

Readers who aren’t on George Barna’s e-mail list might be interested to know of a recent series of surveys his organization has done on the views and feelings of Christian women. For the purposes of the telephone survey, which included 603 randomly chosen women from the lower 48 states, participants self-identified themselves as Christian, and […] Read More

One of the things that burdens me as a minister and as a Christian is the disdain that so many believers have about the poor in our world. There is a pervasive mythology that people are poor because they want to be. They are lazy and listless; they spend their money on drugs and alcohol […] Read More

Language is powerful. In the broad sense, language as a communication tool takes many forms: behavior, expression, gesture, tone, words. Language has power to bless or curse, inspire or deflate, heal or wound, clarify or confuse, include or exclude. Theologian and hymn writer Brian Wren in “What Language Shall I Borrow?” says that “language has […] Read More

Despite the adoption of coffee bars, PowerPoint presentations and full-stage lighting, churches are seldom on the cutting edge when it comes to addressing demographic trends. Here are six dramatic trends that are not being addressed adequately by local churches, church networks or denominations. If we continue to ignore these trends for another decade, churches will […] Read More

(RNS) If you think good Muslim women wait for marriage to have sex, think again. “I’m an unmarried, Muslim non-virgin,” declares Insiya Ansari, a writer in the San Francisco Bay Area. “I’ve said it aloud.” “And no, I wasn’t married or engaged to be married, or even in an exclusive relationship,” says Zahra Noorbakhsh, a […] Read More

JERUSALEM (RNS) With its department-store-sized windows, the Kolben Dance Company’s studio faces a busy downtown plaza, but few passers-by have ever glimpsed one of the troupe’s rehearsals inside. The studio’s shades were drawn three years ago, after extremists from the city’s large haredi (ultra-Orthodox) Jewish community threatened employees and defaced their ads. The fundamentalists called […] Read More