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Candy Phillips, board member of the Baptist Center for Ethics, died Friday, Dec. 22 in Nashville. Candy Cheri Poole Phillips, 70, passed away after complications from cancer. (Read the obituary in the Tennessean.) “Her genteel manner, coupled with her keen insight, were invaluable in helping to lead the BCE through its most important transition in […] Read More

Early in the morning, a mom and her teenage daughter set out for the nearest water source in which those in her village have access. It is going to be a long, five-mile walk, but it’s necessary in order for her family to receive clean water. Her daughter helps her with this task instead of […] Read More

Sandra Wisdom-Martin is executive director / treasurer of the national Woman’s Missionary Union. 1. Where did you grow up? Southern Illinois. 2. What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why? Galatians 6:9. When my energy is depleted and I’m close to surrender, this verse strengthens my resolve to keep doing what […] Read More

In the aftermath of storms that swept the southeastern U.S., the national Woman’s Missionary Union and the WMU Foundation have awarded a $5,000 grant from the Humanitarian Emergency Aid for Rebuilding Tomorrow (HEART) Fund to assist international students and the children of missionaries attending William Carey University in Mississippi. “My first thought after witnessing the […] Read More

Day and night, he orchestrated her every move. She was told when to sit, stand, come and go. She was also told whom she would provide sexual favors for, what she would do, when, where and for how long. She, like many others through the ages, got caught in the business of prostitution. Prostitution is […] Read More

Beloved Baptist leader Carolyn Weatherford Crumpler died on Jan. 2 in Cincinnati, Ohio, after a long illness. She was 84. Reared in rural Frostproof, Florida, she attended Florida State University and New Orleans Baptist Theological Seminary, where she was denied admission to the school of theology because of her gender. She was allowed to study […] Read More

One of the things that burdens me as a minister and as a Christian is the disdain that so many believers have about the poor in our world. There is a pervasive mythology that people are poor because they want to be. They are lazy and listless; they spend their money on drugs and alcohol […] Read More

For almost a century, Lottie Moon has been a major icon for fundraising for bold mission efforts by the Southern Baptist Convention. She is hailed as a late 19th- and early 20th-century pioneer for efforts on the foreign mission field, particularly to China. She was also one of the most instrumental figures in the formation […] Read More

In a story that’s been largely overlooked, Southwestern Baptist Theological Seminary unveiled several shipping crates purported to contain remnants of Lottie Moon’s rented house from P’ingtu City, China, along with personal possessions and other 19th century antiques from the area. Seminary President Paige Patterson displayed open crates reported to contain “some of Moon’s furniture, such […] Read More

Messengers to the Southern Baptist Convention rejected a proposal to invite Woman’s Missionary Union to surrender its auxiliary status and submit to convention control. The SBC Executive Committee recommended Monday asking the WMU to “reaffirm explicitly” the auxiliary’s “unique and exclusive promotion of Southern Baptist Convention missions and ministries” and/or to become a convention entity. […] Read More