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William Carey

Colonialism generally brought misery and destruction to human beings made in God’s image. Many mission agencies made grave errors aligning with the project of empire. The Western Christian world collectively must repent. […] Read More

There have been missionaries to “foreign” places and ethnic groups from the time of the Apostle Paul to the present. The modern Protestant missionary movement, however, began with Englishman William Carey in 1792. Building upon Carey’s groundbreaking ideas and actions, extensive time, effort and resources have been expended on global missionary activities during the 225 […] Read More

A slice of history that binds a Baptist missionary pioneer, India and one of the world’s leading botanical gardens has been rediscovered. Although William Carey is probably best known for founding the Baptist Missionary Society (now BMS World Mission), it is well documented he had a wide range of interests. One of these was botany, […] Read More

Baptist churches around Great Britain celebrated the 250th anniversary of the birth of William Carey over the weekend. Born on Aug. 17, 1761, Carey, a Baptist minister, linguist and botanist, is often dubbed the “father of modern mission.” In 1792, he founded the mission society that sent him to India, a country in which he […] Read More

William Carey published his “Enquiry into the Obligations of Christians to Convert the Heathens” in 1792. Its title was not exactly snappy, but its effect was seismic. From it arose the modern missionary movement. We know about this, but there is a throwaway paragraph at the end of the Enquiry, where Carey is appealing for […] Read More