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William Brackney

Even though reminders of poverty and the poor surround us, most Christians in North America don’t support a sustained response to poverty in an attempt to end it in our lifetimes. The will is not there. […] Read More

One might expect that religions adequately address or provide ameliorative strategies to reduce or eliminate poverty, but that’s not always the case. Here’s an overview of how several great religions view poverty. […] Read More

I live barely three miles from the sea. In plain view of our home are the highest tides in the world, often cresting at 55 feet. In recent years, we have watched the raising of dyke embankments, first constructed by the Acadians, by seven to 10 feet to arrest the encroaching waters. I read widely […] Read More

William Brackney is the Millard R. Cherry Distinguished Professor of Christian Theology and Ethics at Acadia University and Acadia Divinity College in Nova Scotia. His articles that have appeared on are available here. 1. Where did you grow up? Washington, D.C. 2. What is your favorite verse, book or story in the Bible? Why? […] Read More

Human rights concerns should receive constant and consistent attention across the Christian community. The Christian witness, as part of the Judeo-Christian tradition, bears an ancient witness as well as the clear teachings of Jesus and the apostolic community. Moreover, there is a consistent concern for community and society in the centuries of Christian history. And […] Read More

Should Baptists spend time and effort identifying with the Reformation? Over the years, Baptists of varying stripes have debated this with differing opinions. Some think of us as rooted in the first century, glossing over all references to later church history. Others link us with the Radical or English Reformations while a small group asserts […] Read More

Thanks to the era of instant information retrieval, Americans and the Western alliance have a huge problem: silencing Julian Assange as he brings to light 250,000 sensitive documents regarding national security. Shock, embarrassment, disappointment and no small amount of anxiety have overwhelmed us in recent days. WikiLeaks raises a number of ethical issues to contemplate. […] Read More

When I attended a community Remembrance Day service, I placed a wreath on behalf of our church. It was an important event in the life of our community. I take these opportunities in ministry seriously because I value and honor all those who have given the ultimate sacrifice. They bring to mind the sacrifice of […] Read More

It’s that time of year when classes begin and all kinds of students start back to school, including people in ministry and Christian vocations seeking the highest levels of degree attainment. But there’s a lot of variety out there, raising important ethical issues for both candidates and institutions. There are excellent reasons to pursue advanced […] Read More

I frequently use the term “evangelical” and no doubt create some ambiguity in doing so. I do so because I think the term has validity and also because I want to send a signal to some folk that some terms are above being hijacked for special purposes. I think “evangelical” is one of them. As […] Read More