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William Bennett

Arguably America’s most partisan moral crusader has tarnished his much-honed public image as the master of virtue and pundit of cultural decline. William Bennett, who rode to fame and wealth as author of “The Book of Virtues,” was exposed over the weekend as a compulsive and secretive gambler at casinos in Las Vegas and Atlantic […] Read More

Exposed as a high roller in Nevada and New Jersey casinos, conservative moralist William Bennett said Monday he has gambled too much and that his gambling days are behind him. “A number of stories in the media have reported that I have engaged in high stakes gambling over the past decade,” Bennett said in a […] Read More

William Bennett, moral crusader and author of The Book of Virtues, is a late-night customer in Nevada and New Jersey casinos, where he has lost more than $8 million in the last decade, according to news reports. Washington Monthly and Newsweek reported over the weekend that Bennett was a “preferred customer” at casinos in Las […] Read More