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White Supremacy

As we focus on Christian nationalism, it’s also vital to confront our Christian privilege. Like white privilege, it’s hard for Christians to see their Christian privilege. Like the air we breathe, we don’t see it or think about it. […] Read More

Christian nationalism threatens religious freedom for all. While it has ebbed and flowed over many decades, we seem to be stuck at high tide now. And you can get involved to counter the dangerous threat of Christian nationalism. […] Read More

White supremacy, nationalism and racism threaten many people of faith. Those of us undeniably privileged by our culture at birth must use that privilege to benefit those who do not move through the world as easily as we do. […] Read More

The demon of racism will not leave if we choose to remain blind. We must confront the ugly truth before each of us. Only then will the demon of systematic racism be exorcised. […] Read More

White evangelicals overwhelmingly support President Trump, who regularly denigrates women of color. By remaining silent about their candidate’s sexism and racism, they are selling their souls. […] Read More

Baptist leaders will host an event on Aug. 12 to counter a white supremacist rally set to take place in Washington, D.C., on the same day – one year after the Charlottesville clash. […] Read More

The first anniversary of the Unite the Right rally in Charlottesville, Virginia, is approaching. I want to reflect on that event and highlight what the faith communities in the Charlottesville area have been doing since then to address racism in our community. The events of Aug. 11-12 traumatized us; we are still feeling the aftermath […] Read More

A picture in the news this weekend showed three white men holding black shields and black flags. It occurred to me that, though younger, they looked like me. Without their foolish garb, we could be mistaken as being very much alike. If I could hear them talk, we might even speak with a similar accent. […] Read More

Alt-right racism is both like and unlike the old racism. How they’re alike: Both see the white race as superior and in need of protection. How they’re different: The alt-right is generally educated, secular and young. The Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) brought the alt-right to center stage during its 2017 annual meeting when it initially […] Read More

Ever wonder what happens when you fry baloney? I expect puzzled looks from my students every time I ask this question. Why would anyone in their right mind fry baloney? Still, usually a few students provide the correct answer: it bubbles up. Those who know the answer are usually students who have known poverty. In fact, […] Read More