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White Privilege

Educating Christians about racial justice is one of the most important tasks in the life of the white American church. It’s not good enough to be ‘not racist,’ a claim signifying neutrality. The church must be anti-racist. […] Read More

As we focus on Christian nationalism, it’s also vital to confront our Christian privilege. Like white privilege, it’s hard for Christians to see their Christian privilege. Like the air we breathe, we don’t see it or think about it. […] Read More

White supremacy, nationalism and racism threaten many people of faith. Those of us undeniably privileged by our culture at birth must use that privilege to benefit those who do not move through the world as easily as we do. […] Read More

The demon of racism will not leave if we choose to remain blind. We must confront the ugly truth before each of us. Only then will the demon of systematic racism be exorcised. […] Read More

Until the 1950s, racial segregation in public schools was the norm throughout the United States. In Topeka, Kan., a black third-grader named Linda Brown had to walk one mile to get to her black elementary school, even though a white elementary school was only seven blocks away. When her father attempted to register his daughter […] Read More