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I had such a terrible flu that I had no idea that snowstorm Nemo was predicted. However, when it hit, everyone in its path knew that Nemo was here. That path was similar to the track Hurricane Sandy took just a few months ago. So those who were devastated by the hurricane were also snowed […] Read More

The Baptist World Alliance (BWA) has awarded $10,000 for flood relief in Nigeria after torrential rains killed more than 360 people, injured more than 18,000, caused widespread property damage and displaced more than two million people. The worst floods in five decades have affected many areas of the country, especially near the Niger River and […] Read More

Hurricane Sandy was worse than anyone had imagined it to be. I have seen countless horrible images of mayhem. I can barely believe the reports. I cannot believe that some homes were burned down while others were buried under sand and water. Countless lives were shattered by just one storm. I keep viewing the pictures […] Read More

Baptist World Aid, the relief and development arm of the Baptist World Alliance (BWA), has granted an initial sum of $20,000 for relief to the Caribbean following Hurricane Sandy’s passage through the northern Caribbean and the United States. Jamaica, Cuba, Haiti, the Bahamas and the Cayman Islands were the islands most affected by the late-season […] Read More

Standing in the rain and rubble of Joplin, Mo., “NBC Nightly News” anchor Brian Williams spoke with Jim Cantore, Weather Channel reporter, wondering what had happened.   They compared the tornado destruction on April 27 in Alabama to what had occurred on May 22 in Missouri.   “I can’t believe this is the city where […] Read More

Drought and Blessing

Recent showers will make it possible for us to mow the yard again this weekend. And the hayfield out by the county hospital has been cut for the second crop of hay this summer. Usually, a third cutting has already been bailed and put in the barn. It will not produce at its normal level. […] Read More

Praying About the Weather

As of this writing (Wednesday morning), Ivan the Terrible is about to land on the Gulf Coast and pummel its way northward. Along with everyone else, I am trying to anticipate the inevitable complications and possible peril this storm will bring. Shall we attempt to pray this storm away from us and our loved ones, […] Read More