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Wayne Flynt

Wayne Flynt is a retired Auburn University history professor and is known as “the conscience of Alabama.” He was an interviewee in “Sacred Texts, Social Duty,”’s documentary on faith and taxation, and was named’s Baptist of the Year for 2011. His articles that have appeared on are available here. 1. Where did […] Read More

Wayne Flynt is’s pick as Baptist of the Year for 2011. When most Alabama Baptists applauded the state’s adoption of the nation’s meanest anti-immigration law and many goodwill Baptists were publicly mute or morally muddled, Flynt spoke truth to power without flinching. What he did wasn’t new. It’s what he has done on so […] Read More

Baptist prophet Wayne Flynt said Alabama’s anti-immigration law is racist. Baptist Gov. Robert Bentley denied being a racist. NBC correspondent Kate Snow interviewed both for a news show, “Rock Center with Brian Williams,” that aired on Nov. 14. The program began with footage of rotting tomatoes in a farm field and continued with interviewing Alabama […] Read More

I’ve bumped into some interesting nicknames during my life. Because I was tall and thin, friends used to call me “string bean.” My best friend in high school was known as “Dirty Eddie” – which is a whole other story. But how would you like to be known as the “Conscience of Alabama”? For many […] Read More

Nothing is more exciting to a historian than living in a time when two great systems of thought collide. On one hand we have a great, animated, public debate about taxes. Outraged Tea Party folks capture images of the American Revolution and dumping British tea in Boston harbor because of a hated British tax on […] Read More

American Christianity has been prosperity Christianity with faith flourishing in the good times. So said an unassuming gray-haired man with a mustache and face etched by study and the struggle for social justice.   The man – Wayne Flynt – is known as the conscience of Alabama. He has written two books nominated for Pulitzer […] Read More

“Demagogue: a person who stirs up the people by appeals to emotion and prejudice in order to become a leader and achieve selfish ends.” That’s the Webster’s New World Dictionary definition of demagogue. It is a strange word bequeathed to us by the ancient Greeks, and it has a sad history in Alabama. Although we […] Read More