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The two camps claiming the term “pro-life” are often in opposition to each other. If each can see where the other comes from, can they find common ground to preserve the dignity of human life across the board? […] Read More

David Kerrigan’s excellent and realistic book, “The Prince of Peace in a World of Wars,” shows us that peace is not just a fragile stillness but something that can envelop us as we ride the roller coaster of life. […] Read More

The biggest way your church can honor veterans is not through worship services centered around an unauthentic fantasy of “American exceptionalism” on Veterans Day. Instead, try these 3 ideas. […] Read More

A recently signed peace agreement offers hope, tempered by realism, for a formal and final end to the multi-year conflict in the African nation of South Sudan. […] Read More

Christianity has had a horrendously complicated and shifting attitude to violent conflict. Here are five moments in Christian history that demonstrate our complex relationship with war. 1. The dogged pacifism of the early church. The early church had it tough. Facing persecution and violence from Romans and Jews alike, many early Christians were martyred for […] Read More

In the 1960s and 1970s, the Vietnam War divided Americans, including American Protestants. By this time, the Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) had surpassed the Methodists as the largest Protestant denomination in America. As a mostly theologically and culturally conservative tradition, the SBC generally supported U.S. military involvement in southeast Asia. Though some Southern Baptists dissented […] Read More

“Land is everything here,” says Alex Vickers, BMS World Mission worker in Gulu, northern Uganda. With land comes the possibility of growing crops to feed your family and pay for your children’s education. “If you have land,” he says, “you have a future for your family.” But land isn’t easy to come by and there […] Read More

Imagine a childhood like the one George had: Forced, at age 11, to leave his family behind and join the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. Forced to fight. “I was given to the group of the commander,” he says. Abducted with a group of children while they were celebrating Independence Day, George (names have […] Read More

A local hospital called me early on a Monday morning to visit one of their new patients. All I was told was that this gentleman had been homeless and had served in the current war. Upon arrival, I was told to go to the psych ward, enter an access code and see the nurses there. […] Read More

Some Southern Baptist Convention (SBC) leaders a decade ago thought war would open heavenly doors. As the U.S.-led invasion of Iraq started, SBC leaders quickly mobilized to turn the war-torn nation into an evangelistic opportunity, leading some critics to claim the SBC was using the war as a religious crusade. Today (March 19) marks the […] Read More