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Walk into any Wal-Mart across the country and you are quickly going to run into this phrase: “Save Money. Live Better.” It hangs at the main entrance, adorns the ends of aisles, appears atop your receipt. If consumers aren’t sure before they enter, there can be little doubt that Wal-Mart has contributed to our living […] Read More

Radio talk-show host Rush Limbaugh attacked a Baptist Center for Ethics’ board member in his January 2007 newsletter, calling him “a wacko.” In an article titled “In Sheep’s Clothing,” Limbaugh identified Joe Phelps as one of his five examples of Democrats appealing to religious voters. Phelps, pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, was featured […] Read More

An American Muslim group has joined a campaign asking Wal-Mart to stop selling a “Left Behind” themed video game, saying it demonizes Islam by creating targets with Muslim-sounding names. A coalition of church-state separation and liberal Christian groups previously asked Wal-Mart to remove “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” from its stores, saying the game promotes intolerance […] Read More

A Baptist Center for Ethics Christmas campaign urging Wal-Mart to be a “Golden Rule” employer earned mention in Jay Leno’s Friday “Tonight Show” monologue. “Hey, did you hear about this?” Leno asked. “A controversial new ad by an anti-Wal-Mart coalition features this pastor, this minister, asking the question, would Jesus shop at Wal-Mart?” “Shop at […] Read More

The executive director of the Baptist Center for Ethics said Friday on national television that Jesus would be more concerned about children of Wal-Mart employees going without health care than saving shoppers money. Appearing on CNBC’s “On The Money” to discuss a pastoral letter and television ad challenging the world’s largest retailer to be a […] Read More

Fox News loves little baby Jesus–eternally preserved in swaddling clothes, radiant, helpless, voiceless, surrounded by wise men with gifts, angels in perfect harmony, shepherds with faces of wonderment. Yes, little baby Jesus, the miracle child, the controlled child, is what Fox News loves. When some stores shifted from Merry Christmas to Happy Holidays last year, […] Read More

I accepted a unique opportunity to appear in a 30-second “Wake Up Wal-Mart” commercial. It appears across the nation on major television networks this Thursday and Friday. “Wake Up Wal-Mart” ( is a national campaign that challenges the country’s largest retailer to clean up its act on multiple fronts, particularly in matters that adversely affect […] Read More

Conservative media criticized a campaign spearheaded by the Baptist Center for Ethics singling out Wal-Mart in a challenge to set an example as a “Golden Rule” employer this Christmas. An interviewer on the self-described “fair-and-balanced” network FOX News labeled a Baptist pastor appearing in a television ad questioning Wal-Mart’s corporate policies a “phony” for invoking […] Read More

A group of Baptist pastors and leaders writing as “moral theologians” has issued a Christmastime letter challenging Wal-Mart to become a “Golden Rule” company. An initial 132 church leaders signed the Dec. 14 letter to Wal-Mart CEO Lee Scott. The <Baptist Center for Ethics spearheaded a similar letter last year, signed by 13 moderate Baptist […] Read More

A Kentucky Baptist pastor is featured in a television commercial being aired in the Bible Belt urging followers of Jesus to think twice before doing their Christmas shopping at Wal-Mart. “Jesus said do unto others as you would have them do unto you,” said Joseph Phelps, pastor of <Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky. “But […] Read More