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The COVID-19 virus has been forcing churches to adapt their regular routines. For one Virginia Baptist church, the solution to meeting as a congregation was as close as their parking lot. Set up a drive-in church on Sunday. […] Read More

The news these days is flush with accounts of the proposed sale of Virginia’s post-Prohibition monopoly of ABC stores. For generations, Virginia has controlled liquor by the bottle through a state-based network of about 300 stores that do no advertising, rarely display signage, and still wrap bottles in a trademark brown paper bag. Gov. Bob […] Read More

As state governments tighten their budgets and consider fiscal changes to handle the recession, religious leaders in some states complain that the poor are being adversely impacted by tax policies. In April, new budget policies in Virginia and a failed attempt to change policies in Alabama both drew the ire of Baptists and other religious […] Read More

John Upton has been nominated to be the president-elect of the Baptist World Alliance, the largest organization of global Baptists with some 37 million baptized believers.   If elected at the BWA’s 20th Baptist World Congress in Honolulu, Upton will begin a five-year term in August 2010, replacing David Coffey, the outgoing president, who was […] Read More

In their infinite wisdom, our board of supervisors has decided the way out of our county’s financial squeeze – we’re the second poorest county in Virginia – is to allow beer and wine sales on Sundays. One supervisor commented, “This isn’t about religion, it’s about economics.”   I would agree. I don’t think Christians can […] Read More

Our unanimous vote Sunday night to expand our ministry partners to include three new partners, and especially the Baptist General Association of Virginia (BGAV), is a significant and substantial decision. Others may interpret our action in any number of ways. What I want to do for you is to be clear about why we did […] Read More

Political strategists took a note from Tuesday’s Virginia governor’s race likely to be replayed next year in midterm elections and the presidential race in 2008: Democrats can talk about faith, too. “We proved that faith in God is a value we all can share, regardless of party,” Virginia Lt. Gov. Timothy Kaine said in his […] Read More

First Baptist Church in Rome, Ga., voted Sunday to join the Baptist General Association of Virginia and leave the Georgia Baptist Convention. The 321-16 vote followed a study by the church’s denominational relations committee and several weeks of “town hall” meetings to discuss the proposal. The BGAV “provides us with a relationship with an organization […] Read More

“We have long been convinced that our churches have failed to employ usefully their female members. They occupied a sphere of activity and usefulness in the apostolic churches, it seems to us, which has not been assigned to them in modern churches.” “We have long been convinced that our churches have failed to employ usefully […] Read More

The editor of Virginia’s moderate Baptist newspaper is being recommended as pastor of a Richmond church. Michael Clingenpeel, editor of the Religious Herald for 12 years, is unanimous nominee of the pastor search committee at River Road Church, Baptist, has learned. The recommendation, announced at Sunday’s worship service, is scheduled for vote at a […] Read More