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Why does so much violence exist in the Old Testament if God is a loving god? There’s no easy answer, but one author attempts to show how belief in a good God is not incompatible with reading the Old Testament. […] Read More

Bad theology and bad biblical interpretation can cause people to do all sorts of appalling actions in the name of God. To counter those abuses, Bristol Bible College has launched the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. […] Read More

By Staff – Millions of children coming to the U.S. from Central America are migrating to escape poverty and violence, a report says. Those who are caught often migrate again when returned home. […] Read More

New Testament scholar John P. Meier wrote of the enormous distance between the social world of Jesus and modern Western societies in their views of unclean spirits and exorcism. People of the first-century Mediterranean world, Jews and Gentiles, were apprehensive about hostile attacks of demons resulting in accidents, illness or bizarre behavior patterns. Certain individuals […] Read More

“Violence promoted and carried out in the name of religion” must always be condemned, Pope Francis stated on Feb. 2 at a conference focused on this subject. “The religious person knows that among the greatest blasphemies is to invoke God as the justification for one’s own sins and crimes, to invoke him in order to […] Read More

We have been inundated in recent days with news of random killings, racial killings and retributive killings by terrorists. The saying once was popular, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Never have we yearned for this to be so true since the recent random killings by a crazed gunman interrupted an outdoor concert. We […] Read More

The first and most basic step toward doing something evil is when you consider another person as something less. Less godly. Less good. Less human. When Europeans decided Africans with their superstitious religions were less godly, with their cannibilistic ways were less good, with their primitive jungle ways were less human, they justified capturing them, […] Read More

One of the growing concerns I have as a pastor attempting to lead and love in this current era is what seems to be a nation’s fading capacity to be shocked. Events and realities that would have left us aghast even one generation ago have tragically become normalized as a part of the daily news […] Read More

Violence in our society is a perplexing reality. If we look at it in terms of statistics, there is less killing and crime in many categories than in many years. When we see the daily litany of murder stories on the news, though, and compare our nation to other nations, we are appalled at the […] Read More

My first clinical position was in a high management group home for boys ages 8 to 14, a long-term environment, wherein children would stay up to two years. After the first week, I seriously considered quitting. This was the most difficult job I had experienced so far. Two living skills counselors were placed in a […] Read More