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Video Games

Not long ago I sat and watched a couple of boys as they played video games. While the younger boy raced cars, the older boy played a military commando game.  The object of the race was obvious: finish first. The object of the commando game was obvious, too: kill all the people you could kill before they […] Read More

Violent Young Men

I saw the Halo youth-ministry story that everyone’s commenting on when I picked up a copy of the New York Times at the airport on Sunday. For those lucky enough not to have read the story, it seems that staging nights of playing Halo 3 (a rather violent video game) is the hip new thing […] Read More

An American Muslim group has joined a campaign asking Wal-Mart to stop selling a “Left Behind” themed video game, saying it demonizes Islam by creating targets with Muslim-sounding names. A coalition of church-state separation and liberal Christian groups previously asked Wal-Mart to remove “Left Behind: Eternal Forces” from its stores, saying the game promotes intolerance […] Read More

A Christian family organization usually opposed to violent video games for children apparently has no problem with a recently released game based on the best-selling “Left Behind” novels and movies that critics say celebrates religiously induced violence. Plugged In, a Focus on the Family publication, called Left Behind: Eternal Forces “the kind of game that […] Read More

The Digital Gaming in America annual survey found that not only has video gaming finally outpaced PC gaming, but that gaming in general continues to threaten television’s dominance as the media of choice. Over one-quarter (26 percent) of the survey’s respondents said their TV viewing had decreased in the last year, and 20 percent said […] Read More

A popular video game that some groups assert threatens society and should be de-shelved will have its day in court—federal court. “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City,” an immensely popular video game from Rockstar Games, asks players to “kill the Haitians,” assigning points for each corpse, according to a recent Associated Press article. The Haitian-American Coalition […] Read More

The grades are in for how the video game industry maintains child welfare while turning a profit, and if parents pay attention to the report card, they won’t be happy. The National Institute on Media and the Family issued its 8th annual MediaWise Video Game Report Card Monday. It gave the gaming industry two Bs, […] Read More

Media consumption by minors is a hot topic. It gets even hotter when sex and violence come up. Most of the attention regarding consumption of media sex and violence by minors has focused on three areas: song lyrics, video games and theater admissions. But what about the rental and purchase of R-rated movies at retail […] Read More

Washington has become the first state to enact a law banning the sale or rental of certain violent video games to children under 17. Gov. Gary Locke signed a bill May 20 making it illegal to sell or rent to minors computer and video games that depict violence against public law enforcement officers, such as […] Read More

The newest hate video game, “Ethnic Cleansing,” has players killing blacks, Jews and Hispanics, according to the Dallas Morning News. The game’s final victim is Ariel Sharon, Israel’s prime minister. Produced by the West Virginia-based National Alliance, the game was released on Martin Luther King Jr. Day, the Morning News reported. The game producer expects […] Read More