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Last month, McDonald’s announced that it will be opening its first purely vegetarian restaurants in India. If you’re headed to the Golden Temple in Amritsar or Vaishno Devi in Kashmir and decide you’d like to grab a burger at the local McDonald’s, you won’t find the Big Macs and Chicken McNuggets but rather an array […] Read More

Every year on my birthday, my wonderful mother is always willing to cook a meal of my choosing. The common denominator in almost all of these meals is chicken. Teriyaki chicken. Barbecue chicken. Chicken ‘n’ dumplings. It really doesn’t matter so long as chicken is involved. Two years ago, my wife decided to become a […] Read More

Females are 100 percent more likely than males to be vegetarians. That is the result of an unscientific survey of the Lofgren Rosell household in Kansas City. Three female family members—a wife and two teenage daughters—all responded yes to the sole survey question: “Are you a vegetarian?” Three male members, including yours truly, are carnivores. […] Read More