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Value Voters

A new Associated Press-Ipsos poll is yielding important information that will likely have great significance for the so-called “values voter,” and those organizations that promote values voting. The term “values voter” came into wide usage after the 2004 presidential election. Exit polls indicated that voters were motivated by social and moral concerns and therefore voted […] Read More

Old Testament King Saul imposed himself upon the office of the priesthood in violation of his calling to be a secular king. His attempt to blend the offices and override distinctly different administrations brought about the judgment of God. Historians now tell us of peculiar church services in pre-war Germany where Nazi flags were draped […] Read More

Some of the “values voters” who helped President Bush win a second term questioned his plans to attend a $2,500-a-plate GOP fundraiser with a 24-year-old porn star and political wannabe. Mary Carey, an X-rated actress and one of 135 candidates to run for California governor against Arnold Swarzenegger, was invited to this week’s “The 2005 […] Read More

“Vote your values” is a message being repeated in many houses of worship this election season, but what that means depends on the messenger. In the latest of a spate of voter education and registration efforts aimed at religious voters sympathetic to President Bush, Focus on the Family on Friday released an open letter “stressing […] Read More