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I’m not known for my rest and relaxation skills. After a fun weekend of hanging out together, a friend said, “Renée, you should have a warning sticker on you that says, ‘Warning: Highly Active Person.'” My idea of a great vacation is more along the lines of how many miles we can canoe or hike […] Read More

My family spent two weeks at Le Pas Opton (LPO), a Christian holiday camp in France. We were there because I was speaking one week; I don’t suppose we would have thought to book an explicitly Christian holiday otherwise. A few days before we went, I found myself in London with a meeting canceled. So […] Read More

Separated by a single vowel, “vocation” and “vacation” have a complicated relationship. Vocation comes from the Latin word vocatio, which means a call. Originally, the concept of vocation bore religious freight. Men and women were called to religious duty. Those called to serve God were also called to celibacy, for example. It was their way […] Read More

Good board members can be an irritation.   “When was the last time you took a week of vacation?” asked Joe Phelps, pastor of Highland Baptist Church in Louisville, Ky., at the May board meeting of the Baptist Center for Ethics.   Let’s not go there, I thought.   An effort to evade the question […] Read More


Sermon delivered by Randy Hyde, pastor of Pulaski Heights Baptist Church in Little Rock, A.R., on July 19 2009. Jeremiah 23:1-6; Mark 6:30-34, 53-56 They didn’t even have the opportunity to eat, they were so busy with the demands of the people. Jesus and his disciples are at the highest peak of their popularity, and because of it […] Read More

Americans continue to experience “vacation deprivation,” failing to use earned vacation days because they feel they are too busy to miss work, according to an annual survey commissioned by the online travel agency About 30 percent of Americans give up vacation time they have earned, handing a total of 415 million unused vacation days […] Read More

We’re not wealthy, and maybe we should be putting more money aside for college, but we also believe in investing in the family vacation account, and I think with great benefit. Frequency of family dinners has declined for years. Much of the time that parents and children do spend with each other is in pseudo-togetherness, […] Read More

Vacation season is here and Americans’ vacation plans for this year are consistent with the past several years, according to a recent Gallup poll. More than half of adult Americans (55 percent) plan on vacationing this summer and the average number of vacation days planned is 11. Most people (51 percent) will be taking their […] Read More

“We’re going on vacation, we are going on vacation,” Dinah, (name changed) used to say gritting her teeth as she drove to the beach. She was the single mother of two very active young boys. She and the boys made an annual trek to a beach cottage in the next state and generally ended up […] Read More