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United Methodist Church

Unable to find common ground on LGBTQ ordination and the church’s response to same-sex marriage, the United Methodist Church is expected to split. The split might be revealing a larger division emerging within Christianity. […] Read More

With a difference of only 54 votes, United Methodists chose to continue to enforce its ban on LGBTQ clergy and same-sex marriage, placing the divided denomination at a crossroads. […] Read More

Is it time for a new movement within Christianity? Evidence seems to indicate one is already underway and will be led by the emerging generation. Here are 6 facets of what that new movement might look like. […] Read More

For over two weeks now, Elvira Arellano, has taken shelter in a United Methodist Church in Chicago. Arellano sought sanctuary in the church when she learned that Federal officials planned to deport her back to Mexico. She has lived illegally in the United States for over seven years. Reactions to her and the church’s actions […] Read More