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United Kingdom

Many retired Baptist ministers in the United Kingdom have chosen to worship in Anglican churches. Despite the theological differences between the denominations, most ministers found the transition relatively easy. […] Read More

How can we best equip and disciple second-generation Africans for mission in non-African nations, such as Britain or the U.S.? A new book offers some suggestions. […] Read More

Most people like the Christians they know while the vast majority of the population still identify with the Christian faith. Fifty-seven percent of people in England call themselves Christians (though a fraction of those would be described as “practicing”), and one in five of those who don’t is open to finding out more about Jesus […] Read More

The bishop of Oxford, John Pritchard, went with Church of England minister Keith Hebden to deliver a letter to British Prime Minister David Cameron’s constituency office in Witney, about 70 miles northwest of London. The letter, signed by 46 bishops and more than 600 church leaders, called the British government to take urgent action about […] Read More

Baptists in the United Kingdom have joined several denominations in backing a call endorsed by the new Archbishop of Canterbury, Justin Welby, for urgent steps to prevent hundreds of thousands of children from plunging into poverty. In his first major political intervention, Welby has supported amendments tabled by bishops in the House of Lords in […] Read More

Activists against human trafficking in the United Kingdom have expressed their dismay after an announcement that Britain’s only anti-trafficking team was being disbanded.   Metropolitan Police Services’ anti-trafficking unit will see its operations absorbed elsewhere in the force on April 1, according to the Metropolitan Police, the largest police force within the United Kingdom, in […] Read More

It will come as a surprise to legislators in the United Kingdom to realize that protections afforded to India’s Dalit people, formerly known as “untouchables,” are not applicable in the U.K. Discrimination on the grounds of the caste system, which is mainly associated with Hinduism and is a religious and social hierarchy, is technically illegal […] Read More

A predominantly black Baptist church in England has been pelted with eggs, had windows broken and staff verbally abused in a series of racially motivated attacks. Calvary Charismatic Baptist Church is a 300-member congregation aligned with the London Baptist Association and Baptist Union of Great Britain. While described as growing and vibrant, the three-year-old congregation […] Read More

The head of Britain’s evangelicals said if Christians allow themselves to become divided over “truth,” there is something wrong with the truth they are telling. “Evangelicalism has become a synonym, in popular understanding, for moralizing bigotry, fundamentalism and reactivity,” Joel Edwards, general director of the Evangelical Alliance, wrote in the September-October issue of the Alliance’s […] Read More

Appearing rested, relaxed and slightly thinner than before his 117-day captivity in Iraq, freed British hostage Norman Kember attended Sunday services at a Baptist church in northwest London where he has worshipped for more than 40 years. A candle at Harrow Baptist Church has burned since Kember’s Nov. 26 abduction, along with three other Christian […] Read More