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Underage Drinking

I don’t want to sound like some poor soul locked into a constraining fundamentalist religion that keeps me from enjoying life; nor do I want to sound pious or preachy. It’s just a fact of my life–I’ve never drank a beer. I’ve never had a swig of Jack Daniels. I tasted a strawberry daiquiri once. […] Read More

The National Academy of Sciences issued a report Sept. 9 calling for a comprehensive national plan to combat underage drinking. The panel urged alcohol manufacturers, businesses, the entertainment industry, parents and other adults to develop “a deep, shared commitment” to working together to curb drinking by minors. “All segments of U.S. society should address underage […] Read More

On Wednesday, the National Academy of Sciences, responding to a request of Congress, delivered a report on the impact of underage drinking. Included in the report is a strategy to address this national crisis. The report is a welcome contribution to the public’s understanding of the proportions of this public health, economic, and ethical issue […] Read More