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Baptist churches are committed to help those affected by the conflict in East Ukraine. About 200,000 people have already received food, coal, heaters and other items, but more help is still needed. […] Read More

European Baptists, who met recently in Ukraine, are a diverse lot. However, they have discovered that their diversity – while challenging at times – is actually a strength. […] Read More

More than 2,200 Baptist congregations in Ukraine have about 110,000 members. Here’s how the European Baptist Federation has aided Baptist church planters in the country. […] Read More

European Baptist leaders met with Ukrainian President Petro Poroshenko last week. The delegation included European Baptist Federation (EBF) President Asatur Nahapetyan, Vice President Jenni Entrican and General Secretary Tony Peck, together with Baptist World Alliance (BWA) President Paul Msiza and Ukrainian Baptist leaders. During the Aug. 26 meeting, Poroshenko signed a decree, “On the Celebration […] Read More

A Baptist pastor from eastern Ukraine sees God at work in his country even after the destruction of his church by pro-Russian separatists. Over the past two weeks, Elisey Pronin has spoken at several Baptist churches in central Missouri, telling about the hardships of war and his hope for future ministry. “[God] can turn any […] Read More

With more than 6,000 people killed and 1.2 million internally displaced in the last year, how should the global church respond to the Ukrainian conflict? Around 60 delegates and observers grappled with this question at the London Consultation, a special event organized by BMS and Mission Eurasia on April 28 at Lambeth Palace, the official […] Read More

The Easter greeting – “Christ is Risen!” – is said not only on Easter Sunday but also throughout the whole Easter season in Ukraine. It is used as a greeting of one Christian to another meeting in the street or elsewhere. The answering response – “He is risen, indeed!” – seems to bring the reality […] Read More

The European Baptist Federation (EBF) has challenged Russian and Ukrainian Baptist leaders to issue a joint statement calling for peace while acknowledging their differences. The appeal comes from EBF general secretary Tony Peck and EBF president Otniel Bunaciu in response to a statement issued by Russian Baptists to coincide with the visit of Secretary of […] Read More

Pro-Russian separatists are increasingly targeting evangelical Christians in eastern Ukraine—beating, torturing and even killing them. Such has been the escalation of attacks in recent months in the Donetsk and Luhansk regions. Evangelical leaders have issued a statement calling out religious persecution and calling on the international community to prevent the situation from worsening even more. The […] Read More

Pro-Russian separatists in Ukraine have forced a Christian university to evacuate its buildings and have taken over the campus. “Donetsk has become the stronghold of the separatist bands of armed soldiers in the region,” Oleksii Melnychuk, president of Donetsk Christian University in Ukraine, wrote to the European Baptist Federation (EBF). “A group of approximately 2,000 […] Read More