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The pastor of a Baptist church in South Sudan hasn’t seen his hometown in nearly 1,000 days. Many members of his church are among the 800,000 refugees living in camps in Uganda, driven out by an ongoing civil war. […] Read More

In a country ravaged by violence less than a decade ago, the people in one Ugandan city are regaining their sense of community, independence and financial stability, thanks to BMS World Mission worker Alex Vickers and Ugandan supported partner worker Acaye Genesis. How are they doing this? With pigs, of course. In August 2013, 16 […] Read More

Gareth Shrubsole, a BMS World Mission worker in western Uganda, was taken aback by the devastation he saw in the Kasese district when heavy rains brought flooding on May 1.  “I’ve never been anywhere where there has been flooding before. It took a while to get my head around the fact that the river I […] Read More

Nine years ago, 78 percent of northern Uganda’s Gulu District were living in abject poverty, internally displaced and dependent on supplies from the World Food Programme (WFP) to even survive. Today, 12 communities in Gulu are selling their excess produce back to the WFP, the very organization they were, until a few years ago, entirely […] Read More

You wouldn’t automatically pair music therapy with hearing impairments, but, in Uganda, BMS World Mission worker Bethan Shrubsole is doing just that. “We use the instruments they can feel – they feel vibrations – and we sign songs to the rhythm,” says Shrubsole. “I don’t know how they hear it in their heads but they […] Read More

“Land is everything here,” says Alex Vickers, BMS World Mission worker in Gulu, northern Uganda. With land comes the possibility of growing crops to feed your family and pay for your children’s education. “If you have land,” he says, “you have a future for your family.” But land isn’t easy to come by and there […] Read More

Imagine a childhood like the one George had: Forced, at age 11, to leave his family behind and join the Lord’s Resistance Army (LRA) in Uganda. Forced to fight. “I was given to the group of the commander,” he says. Abducted with a group of children while they were celebrating Independence Day, George (names have […] Read More

In light of Sunday’s horrific bombings in Kampala, the capital of Uganda, by Somali militants, it was only a matter of time before proposals for a U.S.-backed invasion or bombing of Somalia started popping up, along with less specific calls to do “more.” A few thoughts on doing more: ·  If everything you know about […] Read More

Editor’s note: The documentary “Ready to Forgive: An African Story of Grace” will air on ABC-TV stations between Oct. 18 and Dec. 13. Click here for local listings or here to order it on DVD. It’s difficult to comprehend a message of genuine forgiveness after beatings, abductions, killings and a total disruption of peace. But […] Read More

CNN’s Campbell Brown correctly identified “True Love Waits” as an abstinence program in Sunday’s Compassion Forum with the Democratic presidential candidates focusing on faith issues. But she failed to challenge the Southern Baptist Convention president’s exaggerated claim crediting the faith-based program with reducing the rate of HIV/AIDS in Uganda. SBC President Frank Page asked Sen. […] Read More