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U.S. Census Bureau

The number of Americans living in poverty grew by 1.7 million last year, according to new estimates by the Census Bureau. The new report, the Current Population Survey, is considered more accurate than preliminary figures released three weeks ago and is used by the government to calculate unemployment and set economic policies. According to the […] Read More

Hispanics have surpassed blacks as America’s largest minority race or ethnic group, according to the U.S. Census Bureau. Census Bureau Director Louis Kincannon reported the new figures to the League of United Latin American Citizens June 18. Estimates place the Hispanic population at around 38.8 million as of July 1, making them the largest minority […] Read More

Although the current number of foreign-born residents is at its highest, the rate at which people are coming to the United States has slowed. The Census Bureau estimated about 32.5 million foreign-born residents in the United States in March 2002. That is 2 percent more than March 2001. Although the current number of foreign-born residents […] Read More

Every month 800,000 people around the world turn 65 years old. A report from the U.S. Census Bureau and the National Institute of Aging called this rate of aging “unprecedented.” It also predicted that the world’s population will continue to grow older into the 21st century in both developed and developing countries. Italy was identified […] Read More