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How should we react to the president’s racist tweets? Repeatedly, we discover Jesus combating myopic and hateful attitudes. Through words and actions, Jesus offers an example of how to conqueror bigotry, xenophobia and racism. […] Read More

President Trump once again spewed racism during a weekend Twitter tirade. Rather than become numb to his latest racist rant, Christians can choose to be part of the national dialogue about racism in a way that honors Christ. […] Read More

Christian missionaries found themselves in 1966 in Nigeria amid tribal genocide. They didn’t tell their story about saving lives for 50 years. Now, they are in a forthcoming documentary, “The Disturbances.” This feature-length film is based on video interviews with 25 eyewitnesses – missionaries, missionary children and Nigerians, as well as numerous other conversations with […] Read More

As soon as reports appeared on the Paris attacks, the global faith community turned to Twitter to express solidarity for those who suffered and to pray for the victims and their families. Catholic News Agency offered an early tweet: “Join us as we #PrayForParis.” I retweeted their tweet: “Catholic News Agency calls for prayer for […] Read More

“You should really try Twitter, Elizabeth. It’s a good networking tool for the church.” Such were the words from a communications professional friend. In 2008, they fell on my deaf ears. My distant impression of Twitter was a bunch of people saying, “I had a peanut butter sandwich for lunch.” Who really cared? I just […] Read More

The Baptist World Congress was a splendid overall success, despite lower than desired attendance due to fears of Ebola and xenophobia in South Africa toward other foreign workers. The fellowship was warm. The worship was energizing. The workshops were substantive. The Bible studies occurred in six different languages. The wardrobes from around the world were […] Read More

When the first documentary preview of “Genocide 66” ended, a former Southern Baptist missionary to West Africa, Steve Seaberry, said to a luncheon colleague that he had never heard the story. The untold story – to which he referred – was the story of what missionaries did in northern Nigeria in 1966 amid several days […] Read More

A Twitter hashtag promoting peace during the World Cup showed up abundantly in my TweetDeck, a tool that allows one to track tweets. The hashtag was #pauseforpeace. It was an adept idea launched by the Pontifical Council for Culture, which called for a moment of silence during the World Cup final between Germany and Argentina. […] Read More

A sermon by Jim Somerville, First Baptist Church, Richmond, Va. June 8, 2014 The Day of Pentecost Acts 2:1-21   In a way, the story of Pentecost is a ghost story.  It’s about the coming of the one the King James Version refers to as the “Holy Ghost.”  And although it isn’t a scary story, […] Read More

Good and Evil. Constructive and destructive. Transformation and degeneration. Has such not always been the interlocking nature with the technology of communication? TV brings into our homes inspiring stories about the better angels among us, alerts us to impending danger (tornadoes and hurricanes), exposes corporate, governmental and ecclesiastical untruthfulness, evaluates facts, makes us laugh, causes […] Read More