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A pandemic is blazing across our society. This one isn’t COVID-19. This virus infects the soul of the populace and blinds it to what in our more peaceful times we embrace as truth. It’s a pandemic of intentional misinformation. […] Read More

Truth is an important and frequently mentioned subject in the Scriptures, yet religious people often seem most easily manipulated by those denying reality. As religious leaders, we need to help congregants become seekers of truth. […] Read More

‘Truth and Hope’

The prophetic tradition of truth-telling anchored in hope is exactly what we need in this particularly perilous time in which fear and uncertainly seek to rule our days. Walter Brueggemann’s timely new book hits the mark. […] Read More

While malevolent actors still manipulate photos and videos to divert us from the truth through sleight of hand and sleight of mind, it is possible to stay centered even in a time of moral casuistry and capriciousness. […] Read More

In every benevolent use of a new discovery, humans always have a proclivity to find a way to use it malevolently. False information and the spreading of propaganda through photo and video manipulation have become very easy. […] Read More

The decision for any president to engage in warlike actions should be taken with great caution and wisdom. Yet our presidents seem to be falling into a pattern of crying wolf when it comes to clear evidence for warlike actions. […] Read More

Most conservative evangelicals who exhibit unwavering support for President Trump refuse to acknowledge his flaws. If they truly loved him, however, they would be honest in their critique of him. […] Read More

How and why does sexual abuse continue at epidemic levels? Because some people choose to be dedicated keepers of the lie. The only antidote is truth-telling. It’s never easy to do, but it will set you free. […] Read More

Our society no longer values facts. Holding an opinion in defiance of the tools of logic is our new norm. And many Christians, who claim to hold to Absolute Truth, are first to ignore mounting evidence and its logical conclusions. […] Read More

Adults repeatedly complain that youth today are lazy, don’t want to work and have no loyalty or respect for those of us who have paved the way. If that’s the case, maybe we should criticize those who set the example for them. […] Read More