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Trevor Neill

One of the privileges of ministry in the part of Birmingham, in the United Kingdom, where I live is the opportunity to lead a multicultural church. Most of the Afro-Caribbean families who worship with us are first-generation immigrants, members of the original “Windrush Generation.” When I visit their homes, I am invariably struck by the […] Read More

Steve Holmes, in his 2012 book “Baptist Theology,” notes that ours is a model of church where “God deals directly with each particular human being.” “Believer’s baptism is an expression of this intensely individualist strain within Baptist theology: the faith of the church or the family is of no moment in the story of a […] Read More

Among the many delights brought to us by the internet is its capacity to enhance our memories of the past, to sharpen the detail of the reminiscences we might have of prior events. I took the same sort of trip down memory lane recently when I watched some clips of another musical event from the […] Read More