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Travis Collins

Many congregations want to avoid the LGBTQ issue altogether. However, neutrality is no longer an option. You’ll take either a proactive position now or a reactive one later. […] Read More

“I know you wonder if all the conversions are real,” Joe said to our church council. He was right. The number of conversions reported by our prison minister (he was a part-time, contract minister) was amazing. “Even if one-tenth of them are real, this is worth it,” Joe declared. Legendary are the jailhouse conversions. Skeptics […] Read More

Travis Collins is director of mission advancement and Virginia regional coordinator with Fresh Expressions US, a ministry of the Virginia Baptist Mission Board, and the coordinator of the Center for Healthy Churches’ regional center in Virginia. He was an interviewee in’s faith and prisons documentary, “Through the Door.” Travis’ articles that have appeared on […] Read More

The church is my people, and in the depth of my being I believe the church is the best hope for the world. I gladly take my place in the imperfect, idiosyncratic, international family called the church. I also know that serving her is not for the faint of heart. A lot of the folks […] Read More