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Tim Tebow

Let’s get one thing straight: I am not “Lin-sane” or a “Tebow Maniac.” While I do not dislike these Christian athletes that have caught the eye of the evangelical world, I do not see much difference between the ministries of basketball player Jeremy Lin, football player Tim Tebow and any other Christian who proclaims their […] Read More

Sunday’s roar of excitement in Denver and living rooms across the country over the Broncos’ 11-second overtime victory over the Steelers – the National Football League’s best pass-rated defense – drowned out the Tim Tebow-haters and fired up Tebow-mania. If football is a moralityplay, then this game was a 21st-century morality play of the first […] Read More

(RNS) Critics have hammered Denver Broncos quarterback Tim Tebow for everything from his throwing style to his trademark professions of evangelical faith. But this much is now beyond dispute: the guy has a gift for selling books. Tebow’s Christian life story, “Through My Eyes,” has become the top-selling new release of 2011 from HarperOne, a […] Read More

During my freshman year of college, our English professor overheard two students discussing the upcoming Iron Bowl. Each of the students expressed undying confidence in their team’s ability to win the big game. Finally, as the debate reached a stalemate, one of the student’s said, “Well this much is clear – God will ultimately determine […] Read More

Given the outcry over Tim Tebow’s TV ad during the Super Bowl, one would think that the Super Bowl is sacred space.   For those who have missed the latest scrimmage in the American culture war, here’s an overview. A University of Florida football star named Tim Tebow, known for both his remarkable athleticism and […] Read More