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Thomas Merton

An endorsement blurb from Johnny Cash graces the back side of “Nashville Skyline,” Bob Dylan’s 1969 album recorded in Music City. “Here-in is a hell of a poet,” said Cash, as reported by Robert Hudson in his book, “The Monk’s Record Player: Thomas Merton, Bob Dylan and the Perilous Summer of 1966.” And for such […] Read More

True to form, Pope Francis demonstrated humility in his way of interacting with all people, not only those in secular or sacred halls of power, during his trip to the U.S. last week. A pontiff who prefers to eat with the homeless rather than national leaders is a different type of religious leader than one […] Read More

Growing up in rural northwest Missouri, I didn’t have much opportunity to know people who belonged to the Roman Catholic Church. My years in two Baptist colleges and Southern Baptist Theological Seminary didn’t afford much possibility of getting to know Catholics, either. Actually, as I think back, I guess my first Catholic friend was a […] Read More

The death of the famous Trappist monk Thomas Merton on Dec. 10, 1968, was tragic. Born in 1915, Merton had gone to Thailand for an interfaith conference between Catholic and non-Christian monks, a meeting held in a Red Cross Conference Center in a suburb of Bangkok. While stepping out of his bath in the cottage […] Read More