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As churches debate same-sex relationships, a conversation on the topic can’t take place without a wider discussion on sex, marriage and family as understood through the lens of the church’s theological tradition. […] Read More

Why does so much violence exist in the Old Testament if God is a loving god? There’s no easy answer, but one author attempts to show how belief in a good God is not incompatible with reading the Old Testament. […] Read More

Bad theology and bad biblical interpretation can cause people to do all sorts of appalling actions in the name of God. To counter those abuses, Bristol Bible College has launched the Centre for the Study of Bible and Violence. […] Read More

We all grieve the mass murder of 11 Jews at the Tree of Life synagogue, but are we, as Christians, willing to acknowledge our own history of complicity in the hatred of Jews, which has fueled this violence? […] Read More

Does Calvinism justify domestic violence and abuse? One critic of Calvinism says no serious Calvinist would support such reasoning on the basis of their theology. […] Read More

Was Christian theology born in interfaith dialogue? Paul, the first Christian theologian, offers an intriguing suggestion about the relationship between theology and interfaith dialogue. […] Read More

Dogma can be an easy way to learn some of the Christian faith’s fundamentals, but trouble ensues when Christians insist on applying dogma dogmatically without understanding that nuances exist. […] Read More

What we traditionally call the “doctrine of atonement” has been a recent conversation topic around the theological table. It has been a helpful dialogue in bringing some familiar images and formulas into the clarifying light of careful reflection. Unlike “big” doctrines like that of the Trinity and Christology, the concept of atonement did not have […] Read More

Pope Francis addressed recently an ever-present challenge for local church leaders – the disconnect between the academy (seminaries, religion departments, divinity schools) and the local church. The theme of a papal address at the Pontifical Catholic University of Argentina was “church doctrine must never be isolated from a practical pastoral context.” “Not infrequently an opposition […] Read More

One of my favorite stories is told by Corrie ten Boom (1892-1983). Corrie was a Dutch woman of great faith who spent much of World War II hiding Jews from the Nazis. She and many of her family were sent to a concentration camp where her beloved sister, Betsie, died. Her father and other family […] Read More