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Theological Education

With many grads incurring sizable debt after seminary, many churches cannot afford to pay an affordable salary to professionally trained clergy. We need shorter and more focused virtual centers of learning. […] Read More

While the tireless work of Texas Baptists to fend off conservative fundamentalists paid off for decades, it seems the Texas winds have changed. Conservative Baptists are inching closer to acting like the fundamentalists of old. […] Read More

The abrupt shuttering of Logsdon Seminary at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas on Feb. 7 left alumni, students and faculty with feelings ranging from shock to disappointment, from confusion to grief. […] Read More

Like many other women, I was called to ministry as a teen in a Southern Baptist church that did not affirm women serving in ministry. Logsdon Seminary was a place where women called to ministry could thrive. […] Read More

An abrupt announcement on Feb. 7 said Logsdon Seminary at Hardin-Simmons University in Texas would close after a vote by trustees. Few details were provided; questions remain unanswered. And just like that, the seminary is gone. […] Read More

One third of all seminary graduates in 2017 were planning to enter bivocational ministry. The news offers hope to thousands of smaller churches who struggle to find seminary-trained leadership to serve their churches. […] Read More

About one out of five student loans, roughly 8.6 million, offered through U.S. government programs are in default, a report said, with students at for-profit schools generally defaulting at higher rates than others. […] Read More

How do we live with uncertainty, doubt, ambiguity, fear and anxiety? Some folks withdraw; others attack those with different stances. Others, however, are able to live with the questions, actively exploring and engaging with them. […] Read More

Many bivocational ministers want theological education but can’t see how to pursue it with the time they must also devote to their ministries, careers and families. Today, they have more options to earn a degree on their schedule. […] Read More

Educational debt among students at theological schools has been rising since the early ’90s, with black and female students incurring a greater portion of debt. Here’s what theological schools are doing to resolve the debt issue. […] Read More