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Theological Education

Many bivocational ministers want theological education but can’t see how to pursue it with the time they must also devote to their ministries, careers and families. Today, they have more options to earn a degree on their schedule. […] Read More

Educational debt among students at theological schools has been rising since the early ’90s, with black and female students incurring a greater portion of debt. Here’s what theological schools are doing to resolve the debt issue. […] Read More

Theological education is as much about relationships as it is about imparting knowledge. Online learning would seem counterintuitive. However, the internet offers 4 advantages to the hyperpersonal world of theological education. […] Read More

How do seminaries help form ministers in both the black and white church traditions in ways that serve the purpose of God and bring healing and community? Here’s how Baptist Seminary of Kentucky is answering that question. […] Read More

Most seminary students come from the top 10% of churches in terms of congregation size, but most clergy positions are in the remaining 90% of smaller churches. The challenge for seminaries is how to serve those congregations. […] Read More

At a time when most theological schools are experiencing significant challenges in staying afloat and attracting students, it’s imperative for schools to rethink their educational mission to help students face the shifting sands ahead. […] Read More

Many seminaries are returning to their roots and serving church leaders wherever the Spirit sends them. Here are 6 ways these seminaries are delivering education directly to church leaders and equipping them to engage churches. […] Read More

Even as seminaries have been struggling financially for years, churches and pastors are being given access to theological education that more and more meets their specific needs and wishes. It’s happening four ways. […] Read More

The ethnic nationalism being bred by the current presidential regime cannot go unchallenged, and seminaries and schools of theology can offer the prophetic word through a new generation of ministers. […] Read More

With plenary sessions examining and celebrating the role of women in ministry, the Baptist International Conference on Theological Education held earlier this month drew some 200 participants. […] Read More