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The Response

Texas Gov. Rick Perry’s prayer rally drew tens of thousands of participants and dozens of conservative Christian leaders to Houston on Saturday. Dubbed “The Response,” the event adds speculation that Perry will soon launch a presidential run. Perry, who once worked as a door-to-door Bible salesman, wove several Bible verses and prayer into his 13-minute […] Read More

As Rick Perry’s prayer rally kicks off in Houston’s Reliant Stadium tomorrow, Perry continues to consider whether he is being “called” to run for president. The Republican Texas governor’s presidential considerations have added to questions about the intention of his prayer rally and his recent meeting with a group of conservative Christian leaders. Earlier this […] Read More

Judging politicians by their preachers is a great temptation to which many succumb, adding more poison to the public square in at least two ways. First, it fosters the false fear that dogmatic preachers have undue influence over politicians – when they really don’t. Even the worst politicians are not religiously robotic. They compromise doctrine […] Read More