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The Passion of the Christ

Christian aspirations for the movie “Son of God” differ strikingly from the Christian expectations for “The Passion of the Christ” 10 years ago. Hopes for the movie today are far more realistic – levelheaded, down-to-earth. Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” opened on 2,000 movie theater screens on Feb. 25, 2004 – Ash Wednesday […] Read More

The Ash Wednesday release two years ago of “The Passion of the Christ” didn’t turn out to be the evangelistic bonanza hoped for by many evangelicals, but it succeeded in turning director Mel Gibson into the world’s richest actor, with a fortune nearing $1 billion. “‘The Passion’ failed to stir the great spiritual awakening that […] Read More

Mel Gibson has released “The Passion of the Christ Recut” in theaters across the United States and Canada. About five minutes of the gruesome beating of Jesus has been cut from the film. Apparently Gibson took to heart some of the criticism regarding the violence of the movie. That Jesus was severely beaten is not […] Read More

More than a year after “The Passion of the Christ” bowed in U.S. theaters to controversy and long lines, Mel Gibson’s version of Jesus Christ’s crucifixion will debut theatrically again—this time lacking its more brutal shots. “The Passion Recut” will be released nationwide in about 500 theaters Friday, with this version clocking in at about […] Read More

Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” scored three Academy Award nominations when the list of nominees was announced Tuesday morning in Los Angeles. The controversial but lucrative film earned nominations for Best Cinematography, Best Original Score and Best Makeup. “The Passion,” which grossed roughly $370 million at the domestic box-office, sparked much debate in […] Read More

“The Passion of the Christ” was a box-office bonanza, but as 2004 ends and critics hand out awards, it’s nowhere to be found. Mel Gibson’s controversial picture about Jesus’ arrest, trial and crucifixion earned roughly $370 million in domestic box-office receipts earlier this year. Its DVD sales broke 4 million copies on its release date […] Read More

Hollywood is taking advantage of the Aug. 31 DVD release of “The Passion of the Christ” by hawking a significant number of other religious releases. More than a dozen religious-themed titles are slated to hit shelves to coincide with the buzz and interest surrounding one of the most controversial movies in recent memory. “The Passion” […] Read More

Touted as “perhaps the best outreach opportunity in 2000 years,” Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ” had relatively little lasting impact on people’s religious beliefs or practice, according to a Barna survey. The survey by Barna Research in Ventura, Calif., reported July 10, found four out of 10 adults said they had in the […] Read More

Michael Moore’s controversial documentary “Fahrenheit 9/11” is drawing comparison to the year’s last big surprise blockbuster, Mel Gibson’s “The Passion of the Christ.” “Fahrenheit 9/11” opened in 868 theaters, averaging $25,115 per theater through the weekend. That is $4 more than “The Passion,” which opened to packed houses on Ash Wednesday. “Personally I believe that […] Read More

It has become a cliche. The screen holds 10 simple words: “A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away…” Then the screen erupts with the familiar logo for “Star Wars.” The music swells and up scrolls the message of what has taken place before our entry into this universe. In 1977, George Lucas […] Read More