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The Disturbances

Genocide. Working on “The Disturbances” –’s documentary about how Christian missionaries and Nigerian pastors saved lives amid the horror of the 1966 genocide – changed my relationship to the word. […] Read More

Grief and joy bookended 2017 for me and the Baptist Center for Ethics / The first quarter of the year saw our staff building on the energy from the fall 2016 release of “The Disturbances” documentary DVD and companion book. Fifteen screenings in six states took place over the last four months of 2016, […] Read More

“The Disturbances” is now available to stream online via Vimeo On Demand. The feature-length film shares a previously untold story of how Christian missionaries and local pastors saved lives amid a 1966 tribal genocide in Nigeria. The ninth documentary produced by, it has been available for purchase on DVD since its release in September […] Read More

Baptist Center for Ethics / will have two events on June 29 during the Cooperative Baptist Fellowship’s 2017 general assembly in Atlanta. A workshop from 3 to 4 p.m., co-sponsored by CBF Global Missions, will focus on’s newest documentary, “The Disturbances.” The documentary shares a previously untold story about how missionaries and Nigerian […] Read More

Lists of 20th-century genocides differ widely. Yet, six instances always appear: Armenia (1915), the Holocaust in Germany (1933), Cambodia (1975), Rwanda (1990), Bosnia (1995) and Darfur (2003). Other manifestations of genocide are found in some catalogs but not others: Herero and Namaqua (1904), Greek (1914), Assyrian (1915), the Holodomor in Soviet Ukraine (1932), Croatia (1941), […] Read More

Bill and Audrey Cowley, retired Southern Baptist missionaries, were honored as “Baptists of the Year” for 2016 at a March 16, 2017, dinner held in their honor. This honor was first announced in late December 2016 by Robert Parham on, the website of the Baptist Center for Ethics. “They showed remarkable creativity and courage […] Read More

Sometimes a story is just begging to be told. This might be because it’s the sort of story that keeps you on the edge of your seat. Or it might be because the story is particularly compelling. Sometimes, for any number of reasons, the original participants need a voice to be given to their experiences. […] Read More

‘The Disturbances’

“The Disturbances” tells the story of the 1966 genocide outbreak in northern Nigeria by the Hausas against the Igbos. An estimated 30,000 Igbos were killed over a few days in September with hundreds of thousands fleeing to their traditional homeland in eastern Nigeria. Robert Parham was a missionary kid (MK) in Nigeria during this time. […] Read More

I read about “The Disturbances” in the Christian Reformed Church (CRC) periodical, The Banner. Unfortunately, I read it just before bedtime. It took hours for me to calm down and go to sleep. So many images went through my mind! I was very young when I arrived in Nigeria, only 21 years old and two […] Read More

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) called on church members and Nigerians around the world to observe Sunday, Jan. 8, as a day of mourning for the killings of hundreds of Christians in the Kaduna area. The “church in Nigeria since 2009 has been subjected to a systemic genocide and persecution through the instrumentality of […] Read More