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The Anxious Bench

Patriarchy is a constant in world history. Even though many want Christianity to conform to patriarchy, it’s not God’s dream for humanity. While patriarchy may be a part of Christian history, that doesn’t make it Christian. […] Read More

The Hellenistic Roman world, both pre and post the beginning of Christianity, viewed women as subordinate to men. It’s no surprise then that patriarchal language ended up in some portions of the New Testament. […] Read More

Vaping is everywhere, from sea to shining sea, in every hamlet, high-rise and farm, on main streets near you. The electronic cigarette fad is especially popular among young people. And parents need to be alert. […] Read More

Hollywood normally does a poor job of portraying religion or comprehending regular religious practice, especially when it comes to Christianity. Why don’t they try to understand the culture? […] Read More

Many college students have a split personality. Model students by day, they adopt an alternate persona by night that engages in risky behavior. What can fix the college-party scene? Theology, one author says. […] Read More