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StoryCorps has designated Black Friday as a National Day of Listening, a time when families – however you may define that – come together to tell and hopefully record family stories. Here’s mine. […] Read More

Thanksgiving’s origins are civic. They have to do with the condition and conduct of the nation; and I believe that, for the United States, our giving thanks could – should – lead to repentance. In 1863, Abraham Lincoln proclaimed the last Thursday of November to be a day for national thanksgiving. Since the celebration of […] Read More

The Baptist Center for Ethics and want to challenge each of you to help your neighbor by supporting a local social agency in your community during this season of Thanksgiving. To that end, we’re launching #EthicsDailyLocal – an exciting initiative to empower people of faith to support their local agencies engaged in transformative work. […] Read More

A new song titled “What I’m Thankful For” – a duet performed by Garth Brooks and James Taylor – offers a needed reminder that the Christmas season is about much more than “making a list and checking it twice.” “What I’m thankful for ain’t on no list, for it only in my heart exists,” the […] Read More

Lots of goodwill people are looking for ways to serve. Sometimes it just takes a small number of visionary leaders, along with adequate available resources, and people will jump in remarkable numbers to become effective conduits of service. For the fourth year in a row, employees of Baylor Scott & White Health in Dallas chose […] Read More

The origin of a story about an eccentric boy who never grows up is the subject of the movie, “Finding Neverland.” Johnny Depp plays J.M. Barrie, a struggling writer who was inspired through a friendship with the Davies family to write a play called “Peter Pan.” As opening night approaches, the theater owner voices his […] Read More

How can you not like the story of the Pilgrims? They came to America to find religious freedom. They were “separatists,” believing that the true church must separate itself from the corruptions of the world, in particular the Anglican Church and its state-supported status as an established church. They were known as “nonconformists,” as in […] Read More

Thanksgiving is a time to pause, take a deep breath, count our blessings and express our gratitude. We spend time with family, eat delicious food, kick off the Christmas holiday season, watch football and engage in any number of personal family traditions. Perhaps this year, more than in others in recent memory, I am more […] Read More

Are you thankful for all the ways that God has been good to you this past year? And do you want to acknowledge the needs of others, even as you enjoy the benefits of God’s good gifts? Then make your Thanksgiving missional this year. The word missional simply points to how any everyday activity can […] Read More

We’re building a tree at our church. It’s not a big tree. It’s actually pretty small, but it’s the perfect size to serve as the centerpiece of our communion table. In fact, you can’t even quite call it a tree yet. It’s really just a collection of bare branches carefully pieced together by one of […] Read More