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President Trump complained earlier this year about the media’s failure to pay due attention to Islamist terrorist attacks, and the administration offered a specific list of such events. In some cases, his complaint was unfair, but the list did include many overseas attacks known only to experts and largely ignored by media. In turn, critics […] Read More

The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN) called on church members and Nigerians around the world to observe Sunday, Jan. 8, as a day of mourning for the killings of hundreds of Christians in the Kaduna area. The “church in Nigeria since 2009 has been subjected to a systemic genocide and persecution through the instrumentality of […] Read More

I switched on the news Tuesday morning to hear of the “presumed terrorist” attack at the Berlin Christmas market. My immediate thoughts were as follows: The Christmas market is so much a traditional part of German culture and tradition; here in the Netherlands I have had Dutch friends say that the German Christmas markets are […] Read More

Our collective dismay and compassion for victims and for our human family in general is immediate and profound in the aftermath of such horrific events as the Orlando shooting. Some have observed that we as a society are more “together” than any other time in response to such things as 9/11, Sandy Hook, Charleston, the […] Read More

What pops into the mind of the average American if you ask him or her about Muslims? Is it something like this? “Muslims are terrorists.” “I fear Muslims. They want to take over our country.” “I am very suspicious of all Muslims.” If so, I fully understand. Many media outlets paint an ugly, distorted and […] Read More

The blame-game started soon after news broke about the mass shooting at a gay nightclub in Orlando. Blame Obama. Blame guns. Blame gun-rights advocates for blocking gun-control legislation. Blame evangelicals for opposing gay-rights legislation. Blame Muslims. It’s a well-worn pattern of finger pointing. We see it over and over. The rush to judgment – assigning […] Read More

The alienation between many Americans and Muslims worldwide is based primarily on fear and not facts. American mainstream media, and all too often Christians, view Muslims – all Muslims – as evil extremists who want to do us harm. Muslims equal “security threats” in the eyes of many people. But are Muslims really security threats? […] Read More

The strength of civil society has increased globally in recent years, giving “ordinary citizens more power and responsibility” and threatening “governments that wish to monopolize power and evade responsibility.” Yet, in 2015 a “global crackdown by authoritarian states on civil society deepened, silencing independent voices, impoverishing political discourse and closing avenues for peaceful change,” according […] Read More

The consideration as to whether to intervene with military force to prevent war crimes often requires a judgment regarding the lesser of two evils. In the face of ethnic cleansing and genocide, how do we assess the justification for external intervention and how it should be carried out? And who decides? When a conflict or […] Read More

I met recently with Syrian refugees in Lebanon who are receiving help from Nabil Costa and the Lebanese Society of Educational and Societal Development. My trip was part of the 21st Century Wilberforce Initiative’s support of education among the oppressed. Currently, more than 200,000 Syrian refugee children in Lebanon have no access to education. One […] Read More