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The images of burning and collapsing buildings now forever etched on our souls have left our nation thick-tongued and tired. In times of such horrific violence and unspeakable sadness, Jesus’ teachings must be our guiding rule. […] Read More

As our nation debates the need for a wall on our southern border, those who favor it typically cite three reasons: terrorists, “illegals” and drugs. Their reasons don’t hold up to scrutiny. […] Read More

We have been inundated in recent days with news of random killings, racial killings and retributive killings by terrorists. The saying once was popular, “What happens in Vegas stays in Vegas.” Never have we yearned for this to be so true since the recent random killings by a crazed gunman interrupted an outdoor concert. We […] Read More

The state and federal governments of Australia all agreed on new “security” measures to address what they call terrorist threats. These measures, adopted a few weeks ago, sit in a long line of actions taken since September 2001, which have actually undermined the very freedoms they claim to defend. In reality, terror has undermined our […] Read More

Last Monday was the somber 16th anniversary of the 9/11/2001 terror attacks: A plane went down in a Pennsylvania field, another plowed into the side of the Pentagon, and two became passenger-bearing bombs that brought down the Twin Towers of the World Trade Center. While we remembered those violent events, we also held our collective […] Read More

The week that the controversial U.S. travel and immigration ban was first issued, I sat in my living room in Lebanon with a Syrian woman whose water had broken in her seventh month of pregnancy. Both she and the baby were now at risk. Yet, she came, not for medical assistance, but because she and […] Read More

The news recently has contained harrowing accounts of a number of hate-motivated attacks, including an attack against Muslims in Finsbury Park in north London. They have left me with a number of deep-rooted emotional responses. The first is deep, deep sadness for those who have been injured and bereaved. The second is anger that fellow […] Read More

I was with a group of volunteers recently who have been running a night shelter for homeless people over the last eight months. They come from 13 different churches and a local synagogue in central London. As well as Christians and Jews, a significant number of volunteers are also Muslims. Now in its seventh year, […] Read More

The United States has signed the biggest arms sale in its history (a staggering $100 billion) with Saudi Arabia. There is much irony here, not to mention moral revulsion. For consideration: 1. The Saudi Arabian air force (comprising predominantly American and British aircrafts) has indiscriminately and brutally ravaged the country of Yemen over the past […] Read More

Hate has been bothering me lately. Not, I hasten to add, because I am feeling hated, and not because I hate someone else. I was reading some comments online from someone I don’t know but whom I respect about the level of negative, critical, judgmental, cruel and rude comments they were receiving. It was horrible. […] Read More