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Terri Schiavo

Mid-morning on Sept. 11, 2001, when it seemed all America was glued to TVs or to streaming video of the terrorist assault on the Twin Towers, my eyes were fixed elsewhere. Alone in Pastor Robert Walker’s borrowed study, I was composing my grandmother’s eulogy. I had been with her when she died the afternoon of […] Read More

A Southern Baptist Convention officer told a national television audience Sunday night that Terri Schiavo was “murdered” by “an adulterous husband.” Introduced as first vice president of the Southern Baptist Convention to a crowd at Two Rivers Baptist Church in Nashville, Tenn., and simulcast live to a reported 79 million households in 50 states, host […] Read More

The tragic circumstances surrounding Terri Schiavo have produced much conversation about the sanctity of life. Politicians, protestors, and legislators used religious language in their arguments to save Terri. In spite of the fact that the tubes and fluids were providing “artificial” life for her, the removal of this artificial sustenance was denounced as a sinful […] Read More

The Florida judge who presided over the Terri Schiavo case received a special award from a local legal association Thursday, prompting more controversy in a legal battle that brought him national attention and criticism from the religious right. The West Pasco Bar Association gave Judge George Greer its Special Service Award at a banquet honoring […] Read More

This is a tough time to be a judge in America. Big names from the world of religion and politics claim that the judiciary is “out of control.” These judicial reformers are working overtime to, in their words, give the courts back to the people. What they are really doing, however, is working to build […] Read More

The founder of an anti-abortion group is rallying support for efforts to prevent removal of a feeding tube that would end a brain-damaged Florida woman’s life by urging public pressure on a Southern Baptist judge who has handled most of the legal matters in her case. Operation Rescue founder Randall Terry described “several points of […] Read More

The elderly widow cried as she told a visiting pastor about her husband’s death a decade earlier. My morally distressed congregant gave voice to a significant problem in pastoral care and bioethics, arising out of the lived experience of numerous family caregivers. More recently, another family has been making news over the contested distinction between […] Read More