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Transhumanism is a movement to promote the fundamental transformation of humanity, individually or collectively, through technology. This is not merely the promotion of human physical and mental enhancement but transformation. In other words, via technology, it is hoped, the human will evolve into a new life form with abilities not afforded by biology or current […] Read More

We’re facing a mental health crisis in this country. It’s a problem that’s been growing for a long time. Since the 1950s, publicly funded psychiatric care has dwindled, and the availability of hospital beds for psychiatric treatment has nearly disappeared. A USA Today article outlines the deficiencies in our current mental health system. Even beyond […] Read More

I am addicted to the Internet, and I imagine I’m not the only one. The first thing I do in the morning is to check not only my email, but also my Twitter feed, Facebook page and Instagram posts. I also use several apps to see who has communicated with me in a different time […] Read More

One of the recent topics in my small group at church was “unplugging” or fasting from technology. Fasting is, of course, an ancient practice, but in the past 50 years or so it has been applied more and more to electronic devices, from the radio to the smartphone. My group really resonated with the need […] Read More

While the church should never “pander” to anyone, the church does have a responsibility to “cater” to those who might be making decisions about faith and the church. Such lifelong decisions are most often made in one’s late teens and early adulthood, sometime in the transition between high school, college/career and (where applicable) marriage and […] Read More

Good and Evil. Constructive and destructive. Transformation and degeneration. Has such not always been the interlocking nature with the technology of communication? TV brings into our homes inspiring stories about the better angels among us, alerts us to impending danger (tornadoes and hurricanes), exposes corporate, governmental and ecclesiastical untruthfulness, evaluates facts, makes us laugh, causes […] Read More

The use of electronic forms of the Bible increases, even though a preference for print editions remains strong. The Barna Group’s annual survey on the state of the Bible, released last week, listed this as one of its six trends for 2014. “The age of screens has come to stay in the Bible market,” the […] Read More

Seminaries have to get social, too. Robin Sandbothe, director of seminary relations for Central Baptist Theological Seminary (CBTS) in Kansas, talks about how the seminary views social media in light of a site redesign, in a new Skype interview with “You always have to update these things, especially when new things are happening in […] Read More

More parents than ever are becoming accustomed to seeing the top of their teenager’s head. That is assuming that the parent is looking up from their smartphone, tablet or laptop. We live in an increasingly digitally connected society because technology has become so accessible and convenient. If left unchecked, the scene in my home might […] Read More

The question “What is trending?” is now part of our cultural vernacular. Social media has transformed trend analysis into a moment-by-moment process through constant updates about the most popular topics appearing in Facebook posts, tweets, hyperlink clicks and web searches. The question “What is trending in local churches?” is of particular interest to people of […] Read More