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What do you do with smartphones during youth group? Really, we could ask this question for all ages in the church, couldn’t we? For Generation Z (born between 1996 to 2014), they’ve always grown up being connected. They have no idea the pain of the screeches, squawks and slowness of the dial-up days. They’ve never […] Read More

One thing is for sure: For most of this country’s history, Christianity has been the dominant cultural force. From the engine behind social service outreaches to the founding of our greatest educational institutions and hospitals, to prayers before government sessions and sporting events, the Christian faith has made an indelible mark on our society – […] Read More

Information overload: You’ve experienced it, I’ve experienced it, and we all know it isn’t healthy. Constant updates. 24/7 cable news. Alerts on our smartphones. Text messages that scream for immediate attention. Endless Pinterest boards. Scrolling through social media newsfeeds. And scrolling. And scrolling. And scrolling. This mindless stimulation has developed our need for constant entertainment. […] Read More

You could be forgiven for thinking that the late poet R.S. Thomas was a Luddite, a hater of technology and the mechanization of life. The machine is manufactured, and Thomas, who died in September 2000 at the age of 87, was deeply fearful of what “man” “makes” in factories, what machines do to the land […] Read More

The heavy snow that recently fell in our area brought surprising gifts: the requirement (and permission) to step away for a few days from routine busyness, to have longer stretches of uninterrupted time to read and to think, and to rest without irrational guilt over not doing what we “should” be doing. Icy driveways, slick […] Read More

A.J. Heschel wrote 50 years ago about how to assess culture and society, and he is more right now than he was even then. “A test of a people is how it behaves toward the old,” he said. “It is easy to love children. Even tyrants and dictators make a point of being fond of […] Read More

When both of my computers crashed a few years ago – at the same time! – I purchased identical machines, one for my office at church and the other at home where I prepare my sermons and do much of my writing. The new computers were equipped with Microsoft’s operating system known as Windows 7. […] Read More

Geo-socialization, in its simplest terms, may be described as social geography – socializing with those in your geographical area through the tool of social media. Connecting to your primary audience within a certain radius of where your business is located is the goal of geo-socialization. It connects people to businesses and events that show a […] Read More

Push notifications might be diminishing your happiness and harming your relationships. This smartphone setting results in a ping or another form of notification whenever you receive an email message, weather update and so on. To be more precise, a Baylor University study on cell phones found that its frequent usage was negatively affecting relationships. “Phubbing,” […] Read More

Billions of dollars are spent annually on vehicle technology that drivers never use. J.D. Power and Associates released a report last week about technology use in cars, explaining that today’s luxury cars are packed to overflowing with every connected gadget automakers can dream up. Yet car owners aren’t using much of the new technology, for […] Read More