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My mother served as the principal of two different public schools I attended. Most of the time it was not an issue. In seventh grade, however, I did learn that it is especially awkward being called to the principal’s office when your mom is the one who is waiting for you behind the desk. Despite […] Read More

I was a youth minister for 10 years before I became a public school educator. During that decade, I don’t recall ever asking for a raise or an increase in the youth budget that I was responsible for. The truth is that I never thought I should ask for more than church leadership thought I […] Read More

The nightly news is full of reports from schools. From the scenes of striking educators in West Virginia to the horror of the shooting in Florida, teachers have occupied my mind a lot these days. Of course, I work in a school and teach a couple of classes, but my thoughts have been different these […] Read More

From the creation of the world in Genesis to the dire warning of tyranny’s destruction in Revelation, the Bible is filled with valuable lessons. Much of the Bible perpetuates truths about religious convictions and practices, but there are other more practical lessons to be learned as well. The Old Testament encouraged the rotation of crops […] Read More

Having just completed the pilgrimage of Lent to Easter, now I think about what it means to be an Emmaus-Christian, ready to run full speed back in to the waiting city to be witnesses to our own experience of blessing and love and to be the hands and feet of Jesus, the living Lord. The […] Read More

I had the privilege of serving as an adjudicator for the extemporaneous speaking competition in the Region 5-AA Literary Meet. The event took place in early March at Lamar County High School in Georgia. The class of 1976, of which I am a member, was the first one to graduate from that campus. I still […] Read More

It will come as a surprise to many people to learn that there is currently a full-blown effort underway to privatize our nation’s public schools. Public schools are a cornerstone of our democracy, and fully 90 percent of us went to public schools. They are a part of life in the United States, so it […] Read More

Two contemporaries who represent significant landmarks in modern education passed away last week. This prompted some reflection on vision, determination and an effort to be on the right side of history. The first was Zell Miller – history teacher, lieutenant governor and governor of Georgia, who gained national prominence as a U.S. senator and presidential […] Read More

The moral foundation of public education is supported in Scripture in a number of important passages. In Genesis, God brings all the animals to the human to see what the human would call them. This labeling and naming enterprise is education, and in a very real sense, God is the first educator. In order to […] Read More

Jesse Owens placed the notion of white supremacy under the worldwide microscope in the summer of 1936 by winning the gold medal in the 100-meter, 200-meter, 4×100-meter relay and long jump at the summer Olympics in Nazi Germany. Franklin Delano Roosevelt was on his way to winning 60.8 percent of the popular vote and 523 […] Read More