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Tea Party

Americans favor compromise from their elected leaders in Washington, D.C., according to a new Gallup poll. “A majority of Americans say it’s more important that political leaders in Washington compromise in order to get things done, rather than stick to their beliefs, even as Congress heads for a government shutdown for the second time in […] Read More

While discoursing during his final week in Jerusalem on the fate of the temple, Jesus tells his disciples that not only will it be laid to ruins (“not one stone will be left upon another; all will be thrown down”), but also that some of the disciples will be put to death by “relatives and […] Read More

Editor’s note: This column is a response to the recent report, “Tea Party Nationalism: A Critical Examination of the Tea Party Movement and the Size, Scope, and Focus of Its National Factions.” Tea Party leaders often deny being motivated by racial animus in general or against President Barack Obama. However, white supremacy is the core […] Read More

A new report untangles the wad of Tea Party threads, and the movement laid bare shows less obsession with government and taxes and more obsession with race, ethnicity and Barack Obama. “The result of this study contravenes many of the Tea Parties’ self-invented myths, particularly their supposedly sole concentration on budget deficits, taxes and the […] Read More

Denial of climate change is an article of faith in the Tea Party, according to a New York Times news story.   The news report cited a New York Times/CBS News Poll that found that only 14 percent of Tea Party adherents think global warming is a problem, compared to 49 percent of the rest […] Read More

As the midterm election draws near, the rise of “strict constitutionalists” threatens centuries of democratic advancements. A romanticized interpretation of the Constitution works against the very interests of many middle-class Tea Partiers, whose rhetoric angrily demands a greater say in the life of the republic. A simplistic, idealized understanding of the motives of the framers […] Read More

A short man with a neatly trimmed beard told me at the end of the worship service that he didn’t want to go against the Word of God but that he did want me to read a note he had written. He handed me a twice-folded order of worship. I thanked him and placed the […] Read More

One of the Internet sites I frequently visit is operated by a grassroots organization known as Faithful America. Its focus is to get people of faith to address the pressing moral issues of our time, such as poverty, immigration, climate change and peace. As their website states, they are “building a powerful grassroots movement to […] Read More

We’ve been here before. A candidate for federal office is touting the “rights” of business people to serve, or refuse to serve, anybody they wish. The candidate is not the late Lester Maddox of Georgia, Ross Barnett of Mississippi, George Wallace of Alabama or Strom Thurmond of South Carolina. The candidate is Rand Paul, a […] Read More

It gives me the shivers to think that I might be in league with members of the Tea Party. But increasingly, under my breath, I find myself growling: “Throw the bums out.” The bums to be thrown out, of course, are legislators at various levels of government who have a decisive part in determining the […] Read More