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In Germany, religious communities have the right to impose church taxes on their registered members. The virtually uncontroversial system provides a stable financial basis even in times of declining church membership. […] Read More

With Tax Day looming, U.S. citizens across the country are thinking a lot about taxes. While writing that check to the IRS is a chore many do begrudgingly, remember that paying taxes is a way to show you love your neighbor. […] Read More

Wealth is a given in society, so how should you use it? You can protect your privileged status and accumulate more wealth for yourself. Or you can leverage it to serve the urgent needs of our common life. […] Read More

The proposed tax plan drafted by the GOP in the House of Representatives contains a provision that would repeal the so-called “Johnson Amendment,” the Baptist Joint Committee says. […] Read More

The tax policies of state and local governments can move the U.S. toward racial equality, undoing the racial wealth gap that has hindered generations of people of color from improving their economic status, a report says. […] Read More

Nearly half of U.S. Protestant pastors reported increased giving in 2018, a report found, with larger churches the most likely to experience increased giving this year. […] Read More

Taxation is rarely discussed in local churches. It seems that analyzing taxation from a faith perspective has become taboo. Researching taxation and faith for this article and reviewing what found when filming its faith-and-taxation documentary, “Sacred Texts, Social Duty,” it seems that ministers have been hesitant to speak on this matter. Many have likely […] Read More

People have all kinds of feelings about taxation. Some are convinced that taxation is just the government taking hard-earned money out of our pockets, while others hold a more indifferent attitude. Generally speaking, it is probably safe to say that most people want to keep as much of their paychecks as possible while still paying […] Read More

Did Jesus pay taxes? In all likelihood, he did. The Roman tax system made it virtually impossible for anyone to avoid paying taxes. If you raised crops, produced oil or wine from your vineyard, traveled on roads and over bridges, imported or exported goods, docked at a harbor or received an income from an employer […] Read More

The Bible doesn’t provide much guidance on tax policy, other than suggesting we ought to “give to Caesar what belongs to Caesar.” Fortunately, when it comes to designing a tax system, fiscal policy textbooks have identified three core economic principles that have to be satisfied for a tax system to work in a modern economy. […] Read More