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Tarris Rosell

Tarris Rosell is professor of pastoral theology – ethics and ministry praxis at Central Baptist Theological Seminary. […] Read More

Some of us admirably keep the greatest commandments – loving God and loving your neighbor – but most of us fail to do these Christian ethics. Loving your neighbor means more than being neighborly. It’s hard but not impossible. […] Read More

On Nov. 17, the U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops voted 219-4 “to strengthen its requirement that Roman Catholic hospitals insert and maintain nutrition and hydration tubes for patients in persistent vegetative states.” A journalist for Modern Healthcare interprets this to mean that all patients in vegetative states should be sustained on life support, even contrary […] Read More

Jesus said that everything normative, all of Christian ethics, hangs on just two rules: Love God, and love your neighbor (Matthew 22:37-40). St. John wrote, in plain and simple Greek, that we can not fulfill the first without having done the second. One who does not love the brother/sister/neighbor does not love God (1 John […] Read More

As a student and teacher of ethics, I am interested not only in what humans do but also in how we talk about what we do. That includes the words we use, or oftentimes misuse. I hope not to misuse language in the ruminations that follow. Recently I have been intrigued and chagrined by talk […] Read More

It might happen next flu season, or the following, or five years from now. Sometime soon, almost inevitably say the experts, a deadly flu virus will ravage the earth and its human inhabitants. Vaccine and antiviral stockpiles will cover, at best, 20 percent of the U.S. population. Of those who get infected, half a million […] Read More

Recent headlines in tabloid and mainstream media outlets refer to “ghoulish” and “macabre” activities allegedly occurring over several years in the Eastern United States. (See Safety, ethics questioned in tissue transplant industry; Body snatchers of New York; Body-part scandal hits Bay State.) It is reported that many funeral homes may have been involved, perhaps unwittingly, […] Read More

Gregory Scott Johnson was killed by the State of Indiana at 12:01 a.m., May 25, 2005. He died with liver intact, and all his organs remained that way following declaration of death. The would-be organ donor was not permitted to give. Johnson, 40, was a death row inmate scheduled to die by lethal injection. His […] Read More

The family from which I come and that into which I married both tend toward Christian conservatism in all matters religious and political. Since “9/11”, our differences ideologically have emerged most noticeably in exchanges of e-mail. Mostly these have remained civil between conservative-to-fundamentalist family members and those of us less so. Usually our e-mail dialogues […] Read More

One certainty about the historical Jesus is that he was not born in a hospital birthing center with the aid of obstetricians. One brief Bible story and some nativity carols suggest anything but a skilled and sterile environment for the birthing of Mary’s babe. Perhaps not even a lay midwife attended that advent. Absence of […] Read More